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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does your staff speak any languages other than English?

Yes, many of our staff speak languages other than English. For languages not spoken by our staff, a translation service line is used. When you call our Call Center at 212 360-2600, you can tell the Customer Service Representative if you require a Clinician that speaks a different language.

Do you have late and weekend hours?

Settlement Health is offering Saturday hours from 9:00am to 4:30pm at our main location at 212 East 106th Street, New York, NY 10029. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the health center is not offering evening hours.

How do I become a new patient at Settlement Health?

Settlement Health accepts new patients.  If you contact our Call Center at 212 360-2600, a Customer Service Representative can assist you with selecting an appropriate Clinician for your care.

What do I have to bring for my first visit?

At the time of your first visit, please print a photo identification card, your insurance card, and if you are bringing your children for care – please have a copy of their immunization record and their birth certificate. For additional information on preparing for your visit, click here.
If you do not have insurance, please visit our Insurance Enrollment page for information on how to get coverage.

Can I come in without an appointment?

Yes, walk-ins are accepted, but you may have to wait longer with no guarantee of seeing a Clinician. You will at a minimum be seen by a Nurse. We encourage you to call the Call Center at 212 360-2600 for a same day appointment instead.

Do you offer same day physical appointments?

Settlement Health does not provide same day appointments for a physical exam since these take longer.  In addition, if you are new to Settlement Health, we encourage you to meet with one of our Clinicians on a specific issue first, then schedule a physical at a mutually convenient time.  The Clinician will have some initial information and if necessary, may schedule some laboratory tests to be done in advance of your scheduled physical.  If you have an immediate need, please call us at 212-360-2600.

How long does it take for forms to be completed?

For patients that are known to Settlement Health, forms can usually be left with the Front Desk staff. A member of the care team may call you if there are any questions. The Front Desk staff will contact you when your form is ready; usually 7 to 10 business days from the time it is provided to Settlement Health.

How can I request refills for my prescribed medications?

If the label on your medication states that you have refills, you can call your pharmacy directly. If you have zero refills lefts, you may call us at 212-360-2600 and leave a message for your Clinician with the refill request. A member of the care team will contact you with any questions. You can also request refills via the Patient Portal if you have an existing account. Click here for more information on how to sign up for a Patient Portal account.

Do you offer dental services?

Settlement Health does not provide dental services at our locations, but we have affiliations with Boriken Health Center and Institute for Family Health for dental services. These centers are conveniently located within short distances from us.

Do you offer depression counseling?

Settlement Health believes that our health includes physical and mental well being.  Depression screening is included in our primary care services, and when follow-up services for depression are needed, our Clinicians  and Care Managers will refer you to appropriate Counselors either on-site at Settlement Health or at a partner location.

Do you have a Nutritionist?

Settlement Health offers nutritional services to our registered patients.  Once you become a patient of Settlement Health, you can be referred for nutritional services provided by our Nutritionist and also other care management services.

Am I able to request contraceptives if I am not a Settlement Health patient?

Settlement Health requires you to be seen by a Clinician so that you can discuss the best option available to you. For more information about our Women’s Health services click here.

Do you offer pregnancy testing?

Yes, Settlement Health offers on-site urine pregnancy testing. For more information, visit our Women’s Health page. 

Must I be a Settlement Health patient in order to request contraceptives (birth control)?

All other methods of contraception except condoms require an appointment with a Clinician.

How can I become a prenatal patient at Settlement Health?

In New York State, if you are not insured at the time of your pregnancy, we can assist you in obtaining coverage for yourself during your pregnancy as well as planning for your new baby. To begin prenatal care at Settlement Health, we require a confirmatory pregnancy test. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, some one from our care team will assist you with the next steps in seeking care.
Settlement Health does not accept all commercial insurances for prenatal care since our mission is to provide services to individuals with no insurance or limited access to insurance. For more information, visit our Insurance and Billing page.

What hospital are you affiliated with?

Settlement Health has a primary affiliation with Mount Sinai Hospital.  We can work with other hospitals, and at the time of registration we request that you sign approval for the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) which allows Settlement Health to obtain information from other hospitals and affiliated organizations.  In order for Settlement Health to obtain this information, your permission is necessary.

How can I apply for health insurance?

Settlement Health offers assistance with applying health insurance coverage. Our Enrollment team is located on the 3rd floor of our main location at 212 East 106th Street. The team can assist you with health insurance questions that you may have. For more information, visit our Insurance Enrollment page.

Can I still be seen if my health insurance is pending?

Settlement Health sees all individuals regardless of insurance coverage.  If your insurance is pending, we will ask you to complete the Self Declaration/Attestation information and offer our sliding fee for the current visit.  If your insurance is effective retroactively, Settlement Health will return the payment for the current visit to you.  In most cases, insurance coverage begins the following month or two from the time you have submitted your application.

How can I get health insurance coverage for my child when I am not eligible for insurance?

In New York State, all children are eligible for health insurance coverage.  Settlement Health’s Insurance Enrollment team are able to assist you in identifying the most cost effective coverage for your child – through Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or through coverage on the NY State of Health Marketplace.  For more information, visit our Insurance Enrollment page.

What is a sliding fee discount/scale?

Settlement Health offers a sliding fee discount program to ALL our patients based on income and family size for services provided at our locations. If you are uninsured, it reduces your cost of care for services provided at the health center.  If you have health insurance coverage, the sliding fee discount is  applied to your co-payments and insurance deductibles for the services rendered at the health center. Click here for more information. (Para mas informacion, haga clic aqui.)

Do I have to pay for blood work or vaccines if I do not have insurance?

Settlement Health offers a sliding fee scale/discount for services for individuals without insurance coverage.  The sliding fee covers your laboratory tests or blood work ordered or completed at the time of the visit.

What is the process for a referral?

Settlement Health has dedicated referral staff that will assist our patients with scheduling a referral test or consultation. A Referral Coordinator will provide you with assistance with the referral and will let you know the length of time for a referral appointment to be scheduled.  The time frame is often based on the services requested. If there is a need for an immediate referral, the staff will work with your Clinician to ensure that we can find a timely appointment based on your needs.

How do I contact my Provider after hours or during open hours?

Settlement Health’s main phone number: 212-360-2600 will automatically connect to our after hours answering service with bilingual staff members when the health center is closed.
Our 212-360-2600 main number will allow you to connect to any of our locations during regular office hours.