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Compliance Officer: Jesus Paulino


Office: (212) 360-2668

Cell: (646) 261-8969

Contact Lighthouse Services to make an anonymous report; see below for more info. 



What is Corporate Compliance?

Corporate Compliance is following the rules, regulations, policies and laws created by the government, insurance programs and payers. This applies to all Settlement Health Employees, Management, Board Members, Contractors and Vendors.

Our Corporate Compliance Program

Settlement Health is committed to open communication, as well as appropriate training and education of all our employees.  The goal of our program is to prevent problems from developing, to detect and resolve potential problems internally, and to continually evaluate and improve our practices.

Examples of the types of issues that should be reported include:

  • Billing fraud, waste and abuse
  • HIPAA privacy violations
  • Illegal conduct
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Theft of Settlement Health property
  • Violations of laws and Settlement Health policies

There are Several Ways to Report a Compliance Issue

  • Contact the Compliance Officer: Jesus Paulino
  • *Contact Lighthouse Services to report anonymously.

If you prefer to report anonymously, Lighthouse Services offers the following options:

Toll-free Compliance Hotline:1-800-401-8004

Web Reporting:


Fax Reporting: 215-689-3885

*Please note, that Lighthouse Services are solely for the purposes of reporting serious compliance issues. To report issues unrelated to compliance, please email us at or Visit the Contact Us page.